Moving Services

Items That Are Easily Forgotten

Here is a quick list of some of the most common items that fall through the cracks during the process of moving.

  1. Remember the Records – Copies of your family’s medical and vaccination history should be secured prior to your move.  Don’t forget records for the family pet as well.  Consider transferring any current prescriptions to a drugstore near your new home.  Your child’s school records may be needed to enroll them in a new educational institution.  Make sure you have original documents as some schools may not accept copies.  If they do accept copies, some require the copy to contain a raised seal.
  2. Hidden Treasure – Some homeowners use their domicile as a hiding location for various valuables.  If there are hidden treasures in your home, be sure to collect them before you leave the property.
  3. Important Phone Numbers – Make sure you travel with all the important phone numbers you might need.  If they aren’t stored in your cell phone or on your PC, take the phone books from your old residence to contact friends or tie up loose ends once you leave.
  4. Items Out of the House – Remember to gather all items that may be out of your house.  These may be items lent to friends, or your dry cleaning, shoes or watches being repaired, items on lay away, etc.  You will also want to return library books, movie rentals, and any other items that you have borrowed.
  5. What is My New Address? – As simple as it may seem, it is often hard to remember your new address.  Keep your new address handy in a wallet or purse.
  6. One Final Cleaning – Cleaning supplies should be left out for the final touch up prior to closing the front door.  Use up open cleaning solutions then dispose of them prior to leaving.  This will reduce the amount of things you must take with you in your vehicle.
  7. Leave Them Behind – Many people forget to leave the items the new home owner will need.  These may include the garage door opener, community gate opener, mail box key, gate access code, house key etc.
  8. Moving With Pets – Moving companies cannot transfer your pet.  Please make arrangements well in advance for the transport of your furry friend.
  9. Where is My Money? – It is wise to open a bank account in your new town prior to your move.  This will assure that you can access your funds immediately.  In addition, some retailers may refuse out of town checks.
  10. Insufficient Funds – Many enjoy the convenience of automatic draft to pay their bills.  Make sure you have cancelled all automatic drafts prior to closing your old bank account, or have transferred them to your new bank.
  11. Keys to Success – Remember to collect all keys that may be out of your possession, those given to friends, left under a plant on the front porch etc.