Moving Services

Items We Cannot Transport

Hazardous Materials

It is important that you understand which items we are not allowed to carry because they represent a hazard.  Following are some common non-allowable items that you must attend to before your move, examples include:

     Sterno Fuel                         Charcoal                           Chemistry Sets
     Matches                              Ammunition                      Darkroom Chemicals
     Kerosene                            Oil Filled Lamps                 Pool Chemicals
     Gasoline                             Aerosols                            Motor Oil
     Propane or Butane Tanks     Cleaning Solvents              Uninstalled Car Batteries
     Fireworks                            Oil Based Paints                Pesticides
     Fire Extinguishers                Paint/Lacquer Thinner         Poisons (such as weed killers)
     Charcoal Lighter Fluid           Flamable Cleaning Fluids


Some states, such as California, have very stringent guidelines for transport of live plants.  If you are moving to California, we strongly encourage you to leave your plants behind.  California law states that “House plants must have been grown in an indoor setting only, such as in a home or enclosed greenhouse, and planted in sterile, packaged, commercial potting mix.  They should not have been grown or maintained outdoors, even during the warmer time of the year, or planted in soil taken from outdoor or backyard sources.”  In the event that your house plants meet all these requirements and we agree to carry them, inspection officers may reject and confiscate your plants at the state inspection facility.   Please see the PDF Transporting Plants CA for further information.  If your plants are accepted for transport, we cannot guarantee their condition when they arrive at your new home.

Illegal Items or Substances

Illegal items packed into your belongings may subject you to charges against you should these items be found during a law enforcement search en route to your new home.  We are subject to law enforcement inspection of our cargo.

Firewood and Unmilled Wood

Firewood or other unmilled wood carries the possibility of infestation by any number of insects.  In order to prevent infestation of our equipment, your goods, or other shipper’s goods that may also be on our trailer, we cannot transport these items.

Household Cleaning Chemicals

While not illegal, many household chemicals can become hazardous in the environment of a closed, hot van, and can leak, causing damage to your goods, as well as others goods that may also be on the trailer.  We strongly encourage you to leave household cleaning chemicals behind.  You will be responsible for damage caused to your goods and any other items on the trailer.